Veterinary Services

We seek to develop a practice that gives our patients individualized, thoughtful, and high-quality care at every stage of their lives.
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Veterinary Services In Chattanooga, TN

Veterinary Care and Speciality Group-pet surgery

Pet Abdominal Surgery

Both cats and dogs can develop abdominal problems that can become very serious. Our veterinarians will perform a thorough physical examination, bloodwork and, if appropriate, perform x-rays or ultrasound to help identify the underlying cause of the symptoms. In some cases, abdominal surgery is needed to treat or diagnose the problem.

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Pet Diagnostics

At Veterinary Care and Specialty Group, we use the most up-to-date technologies to provide your pet with the best possible veterinary care. When you see your pet in pain or suffering and don’t know what’s wrong, it’s difficult to know what to do. Our team at Veterinary Care and Specialty Group is well-trained in obtaining test results swiftly so that we can identify and treat your pet’s problem.

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Pet Blood Bank

An in-house blood bank facility allows us to give needed blood component therapy to our patients. Transfusions may require packed red blood cells, plasma, whole blood or other components. In-house blood typing and cross-match capabilities allow us to decrease the risk of transfusion reactions. The blood bank also allows us to share these products with the local veterinary hospitals when needed.

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Pet Cardiology

VCSG performs procedures such as echocardiogram and electrocardiogram to evaluate the heart. When necessary, interventional procedures may be performed to correct congenital abnormalities.

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Pet Emergency & Emergency Critical Care

Our ICU is staffed round-the-clock with dedicated Veterinarians, Certified Veterinary Technicians, and Technician Assistants who have the training and expertise to offer the highest level of care for pets suffering from life-threatening trauma or serious illness.

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Pet I-131

One of the preferred methods for long-term management of feline hyperthyroidism is the use of radioactive iodine. This treatment is highly successful without needing to give daily medications to the majority of patients. While cats are isolated from their families for a few days, the treatment is very mild and well-tolerated.

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Pet Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a specialty veterinary discipline that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic or complicated diseases which may affect your pet. Our internal medicine specialist works closely with your regular veterinarian to provide diagnosis and treatment for many types of diseases and disorders.

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Pet Neurology

With your pet’s quality of life in mind, our goal in neurology is to diagnose and treat problems of the brain, spinal cord, muscles, and nervous system. We seek to assist pet owners in better understanding their pet’s condition and developing a treatment plan that is beneficial to the entire family.

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Pet Medical Oncology

Oncology focuses on the treatment of cancer. In veterinary medicine, the most common treatment modality is chemotherapy but may also utilize immunotherapy or radiation therapy. The focus for veterinary oncology patients is to maintain the highest quality of life possible.

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Pet Rehabilitation

If your pet has undergone surgery or has a medical condition that makes it difficult to carry out everyday activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs, or even performing as a sporting or working dog, physical rehabilitation can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life.

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Pet Surgery

The Surgical Service at VCSG offers a broad range of surgical expertise in both Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery. Our state-of-the-art facility permits us to offer the most advanced surgical care available. We work in partnership with your primary care veterinarian to ensure continuity of care regardless of your distance from our office.

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Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Like people, pets can develop orthopedic problems that lead to pain and mobility issues. These problems can be a result of trauma, hereditary conditions, degenerative disorders, or a variety of other causes.

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Pet Anesthesiology

Veterinary Anesthesiology is a specialized field of veterinary medicine that focuses on the support of patient wellbeing and comfort during procedures, for which the patient needs to be anesthetized.
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Pet Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy can be invaluable in treating cancer and, in some situations, the only therapeutic option. The types of cancer being treated have expanded with the growth of technology available to veterinarians.
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