Brain Spine and Nerves, oh my! Veterinary Neurology with Dr. Christiane Massicotte

Dr. Christiane Massicotte, a boarded veterinary neurologist with Veterinary Care and Specialty Group in Chattanooga, TN, joins the podcast to discuss various neurologic diseases in pets. She explains the role of a veterinary neurologist, which includes diagnosing and treating brain, spinal cord, nerve, and muscle diseases. One common condition she discusses is intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), which can cause herniated discs in pets. Dr. Massicotte emphasizes the importance of early intervention and proper diagnosis for successful treatment. She also highlights the signs that indicate a trip to the neurologist is necessary, such as seizures, abnormal behavior, and difficulty walking. Dr. Massicotte explains the treatment options available, including surgery, medication, and radiation therapy. She reassures pet parents that advancements in technology and treatment options have greatly improved outcomes for neurologic diseases. Dr. Massicotte concludes by providing hope and emphasizing the importance of improving the quality of life for pets with neurologic conditions.