Pet Abdominal Surgery

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Pet Abdominal Surgery In Chattanooga, TN

Pet Abdominal Surgery

Both cats and dogs can develop abdominal problems that can become very serious. Our veterinarians will perform a thorough physical examination, bloodwork and, if appropriate, perform x-rays or ultrasound to help identify the underlying cause of the symptoms. In some cases, abdominal surgery is needed to treat or diagnose the problem. At Veterinary Care and Specialty Group in Chattanooga, we perform abdominal surgeries for pets suffering from a wide variety of problems including: gastrointestinal obstruction, gastric dilatation-volvulus (also called “bloat”), cancer, hereditary diseases, and trauma.

Signs of Abdominal Distress
You may begin to suspect an abdominal obstruction or another health problem when the animal vomits frequently or has diarrhea. Your pet may show obvious signs of bloating, stand in a hunched position, or shows signs of physical discomfort. Your pet may be lethargic or refuse to eat. These are signs that your pet requires immediate veterinary care.

Aftercare for Abdominal Surgery
Our veterinarians will provide detailed instructions after your pet’s surgery. Activity restriction is important to the healing process. Medication for pain management and antibiotics may be necessary. We will also provide instructions on feeding and exercise during the recovery period. Follow-up visits are important to ensure proper healing and a return to normal activities.

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