Pet Orthopedic Surgery In Chattanooga, TN

Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Like people, pets can develop orthopedic problems that lead to pain and mobility issues. These problems can be a result of trauma, hereditary conditions, degenerative disorders, or a variety of other causes. A variety of surgical techniques are available to restore proper physical function for these animals. At Veterinary Care and Specialty Group in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we offer help for pets with orthopedic problems.

Questions to Ask When You Are Considering Surgical Care

  • Is the surgeon Board Certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS)? The surgeons at Veterinary Care and Specialty Group are Board Certified Surgeons.
  • What experience does your surgeon have with this procedure? (Don’t be afraid to ask how many times they have done this surgery.)
  • Is there 24-hour care following surgery?

Common Orthopedic Problems
Both cats and dogs may experience fractures from car accidents, falls, or fights with other animals. Many of these fractures require advanced surgical techniques for proper repair. Some breeds have genetic predispositions to certain conditions, including: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, spinal injury/disc rupture, patellar luxation, or other joint-related issues that require surgery in order to achieve optimal function. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, extensive surgical training and experience, as well as appropriate instrumentation, are required.

Treatment for Orthopedic Pet Issues
From minimally invasive procedures, such as arthroscopic surgery and fluoroscopically-guided fracture repair, to cutting edge procedures, such as joint replacement surgery, VCSG has the advanced instrumentation, as well as experienced Board Certified Surgeons, to successfully manage a tremendous variety of challenging orthopedic situations. Of course, we also manage the more common orthopedic maladies, including cranial cruciate ligament rupture and patellar luxation. If surgical intervention is not indicated for your pet, we will institute appropriate medical management, as well as offer other treatment modalities (physical rehabilitation, regenerative medicine (for example, platelet-rich-plasma), cold laser, etc.) to maximize comfort and function.

Aftercare for Pet Orthopedic Surgery
Orthopedic surgery generally requires a period of recovery, and, more importantly, activity restriction. Our veterinary surgeons will provide detailed instructions on medications, limiting activity, and follow-up visits that may be needed. Pain management is an important part of your pet’s convalescence. A number of methods are available for animals. Your surgeon may also recommend physical rehabilitation sessions to maximize function after surgery.

Make Veterinary Care and Specialty Group Your Choice for Emergency Pet Care
Our veterinarians and staff at Veterinary Care and Specialty Group use their extensive training and wealth of experience to help animals in the Chattanooga area whenever emergency veterinary care is needed. We offer a range of services, including emergency critical care, diagnostics, blood bank, cardiology care, neurology, oncology care, and physical rehabilitation. We also provide referrals to other specialized care, when indicated. Contact Veterinary Care and Specialty Group today at 423-591-0270 when your pet needs emergency pet care.