Pet Anesthesiology In Chattanooga, TN

Pet Anesthesiology

Veterinary Anesthesiology is a specialized field of veterinary medicine that focuses on the support of patient wellbeing and comfort during procedures, for which the patient needs to be anesthetized. While there is an inherent risk with any patient undergoing general anesthesia or sedation, Veterinary Anesthesiologists undergo years of specialized training, allowing them to be prepared to anticipate complications that may come from various procedures and many different disease states. This allows us to minimize risks associated with anesthesia and sedation, ensure patient safety and comfort, and improve the outcomes of procedures done by our other specialists.

Veterinary Anesthesiologists assess each patient prior to their procedure and develop an individualized plan for your pet. These plans consider the patient and their disposition, any illnesses that they have, the procedures that they will be undergoing, and the anticipated physiological effects that anesthesia and their procedures may have on them.

Often times, medically necessary procedures or a pet’s illness may be associated with pain. Veterinary Anesthesiologists undergo specialized training that allows them to provide more comprehensive and individualized pain control to your pets. Multimodal pain management strategies involve the use of several different methods of pain prevention and treatment, in order to reduce the overall side-effects of individual therapies. Techniques, such as ultrasound-guided targeted nerve blocks, and multi-drug therapies allow us to provide aggressive, proactive care for patients who may have chronic pain, or who are likely to experience procedures that could be painful.